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Powerful Network Protection Made Simple

A2 CyberSecurity was founded by a group of network security analysts who are passionate about their work and helping companies protect their data.

We help commercial, government, and non-profit organizations build advanced cybersecurity and risk management capabilities.

Our services are built to reduce organizational costs, meet information compliance laws, and maintain control over your business communication and infrastructure.

What does Cybersecurity mean?

In Layman's Terms:

Cybersecurity means utilizing secure methods to store, access, and communicate information across computer networks.

In Technical Terms:

Cybersecurity comes down to blocking open security holes, hardening network access control, scanning and removing software vulnerabilities, and monitoring network traffic for unwanted activity.

What makes A2 CyberSecurity an industry leader?

Our Leadership Team

Russell Dwyer

Chief Technical Director

Russell is in charge of designing and strategizing operational security at A2. Russell cut his teeth on Unix systems while working as a network technician at Barracuda Networks. Before moving to A2 Cybersecurity he worked as a security analyst at AlienVault Inc and the University of Michigan ITS department.

Andrew Chalfin


As Vice-President of A2 Cybersecurity, Andrew Chalfin looks to balance technology and communication of business operations. Andrew also works to direct the team's operational objectives. While not at work, Andrew can be found on the court playing Basketball or on the ice coaching Hockey.

Louis Powers

Chief Account Represenative

Louis, pronounced "Louie", is the face behind the company. Louis is in charge of strategizing A2's public relations and diligently handling business communication. Louis began work as a security analyst at Barracuda Networks before joining the team at A2 Cybersecurity in early 2017.

Our Values


Our technology is selected based on proven reliability and security. Our company is proud partners with Barracuda Networks, Duo Security, and Tenable Security.

Security First

Our team of security analysts know the importance of securing all layers of an organization. Our practical approach to information security starts from the physical layer and spans all the way to the user layer.


We believe in providing long lasting and valuable solutions to our clients. We take pride in providing honesty and integrity in our services.

Technical Experience

We have a long track record when it comes to security. From securing Fortune 500 network operations to privately held-financial institutions, our team has decades of experience working within the information security field.

Our Technologies

Barracuda Networks Intrusion Prevention System Firewall

Barracuda Next-Generation Firewall provides comprehensive traffic analysis and complete network control. The Barracuda NG Firewall engine analyzes network traffic and continuously compares the bitstream with its internal signatures database for malicious code patterns.

Tenable Security and Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

We use the industry-leading vulnerability scanner developed by Tenable Security, Nessus Vulnerability Scanner. Penetration testing and vulnerability scanners are important elements of an information security program. These utilities are used to discover security weaknesses and correct them before they are exploited by malicious network actors.

Alienvault USM Appliance

The Alienvault Unified Security Management Appliance is a powerful all-in-one platform for on-premise security monitoring, threat detection, and SIEM log collection. Alienvault USM uses an event correlation engine to detect suspicious network activity and alert our 24x7 Security Operation Center.

Duo Security Multi-Factor Authentication Systems

Multi-factor authentication is a critical element of an information security program. A2 Cybersecurity deploys Duo Security mutli-factor authentication to protect against account takeover and data theft.

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