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Third-Party CISO Services from A2 CyberSecurity

Powerful Network Protection Made Simple

A2 CyberSecurity's depth of expertise and experience within the industry, coupled with our customer-first approach, enables us to provide tailored solutions and personalized support for small to enterprise level organizations.

NYCRR 500 Coverage Made Practical

A2 CyberSecurity provides NYCRR 500 coverage at a tenable cost through the use of open-source technologies, and a practical approach to information security.

Third-party CISO Service Objectives.

  • Deploy long-term security solutions to mitigate risk and safeguard sensitive data storage and communication.
  • Provide a designated Chief of Information Security to act as an authoritative figurehead for information security planning, oversight and IT strategy.
  • Conduct routine network threat assessment tests, information security audits, and provide comprehensive IT documentation to meet information compliance.
  • Lock down access to senstive data through multi-factor authentication.
  • Design tailored incident response management and written cyber security procedures.
  • Establish 24x7x365 threat detection and alerting from A2 CyberSecurity's S.O.C. located at an undisclosed location in New City.

How it Works.

A2 CyberSecurity New York CISO third-party Service

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